Meaningless Emptiness. Am I Crazy? Or the World? When You See Through Everything

“One sign that you are waking up: you’re asking yourself am I crazy or are all of them?”  Mystic Anthony DeMello

Do you ever feel like you can see through everything? You see all the world as meaningless emptiness? Chasing the wind. You can see through the walls, the buildings, the determined grimaces, the wind-burned faces, the billboards and infomercials and sitcoms and earnest phone calls from charities and eloquent sermons and sacred texts. You turn on the TV or open a book and it’s all like dust scattering at your feet and then gone.

We’re surrounded by, suffocated by, emptiness.

You don’t feel better than everyone, or worse, or smarter, or dumber, you just see through it all, the skyscrapers, the gross domestic product, the beauty culture, the homeless shelter, the striving and clinging and grasping, the proud man in his new car, the smug woman on her bike turning away from the proud man in his new car, the endless quest for identity and control and separation by humans, when the truth is we are all caught in the stampede and the destination is unknown.

Perhaps you’re losing your mind. Perhaps, as DeMello says, “You’re about to become either a psychotic or a mystic.”

But do we have a choice? I’ve hitched my car to the tracks of this crazy world. I’ve brought kids into it, started a career, bought a house. This is no time to run of into the desert and become a monk.

When you see through everything, you see how much our earnest hard-work endlessly damages. Our need to bring civilization to the savages destroys civilizations and makes us the savages.

But somebody must do something, right? We must speak out against poverty, injustice, genocide, slavery.

But what if more people did nothing in the purest sense of what doing nothing means, which is to become spiritual, mystical, sensible, and detached?

People like Jesus and Buddha tried to do remarkably little to actually change the world; but they did much to change our hearts.

Am I crazy? Or everyone else? Or does everybody already know the truth?

And who is this I anyway?

Give up and die…

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