Welcome to Give Up and Die, a site about spiritual shenanigans, religious wisecracks, family conundrums, happiness, impermanence, letting go, and all sorts of mystical mayhem.  Give Up and Die is my version of what The Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and a lot of otherwise people said: “When you GIVE UP all that is not essential AND remember that you will DIE (in five minutes or fifty years) then you are ready to really live.”  We are spiritual beings, whether we believe in a God or not (I personally like Stephen Hawking’s definition:  “God is the name we give for the reason we think we’re here”). As Quaker Richard Foster says, “The world is not in need of smarter people, but deeper people.”  This site is about exploring the deeper side of life, including all the cool spiritual and religious practices out there.