What is Give Up and Die?

Welcome to Give Up and Die, a site that’s about religion and wisecracks, spirituality and shenanigans.  As a hobby, I like to toy around with different spiritual, mystical, philosophical, and religious ideas.  Whether it’s fasting, going to a Quaker service, hugging a tree, doing hot Yoga, meditating, chanting, or participating in an animal sacrifice (well, not personally in this case, but by proximity, since I like hamburgers), I’m interested in the more transcendental part of life.  Give Up and Die is where I explore that.  “Give Up and Die” is the shortest summary of a range of spiritual and philosophical traditions, from Jesus to Buddha to Krishna and all the way in between.  Once you GIVE UP all that is not essential AND remember that you will inevitably DIE (in five minutes or fifty years), then you can really start to live.  It’s also a joke.  Ha ha.  A spiritual website called Give Up and Die.  Get it?

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Give Up and Die is a church without a religion.

Everything on Give Up and Die is stolen from a wise person from long ago (as are most good ideas, except , maybe, daily showering, which is more recent than you’d think).

I started Give Up and Die to entertain myself and to kill time while I waited for my agent to call.  I also started it to challenge myself because once you put something in writing, you’re more likely to try and stick with it.  Proof: I’ve meditated more since GU&D was born.  Why?  Because I told people I was meditating…so I figured I better start.

I also started Give Up and Die as a way to make bad religious jokes. Like,  WWJD?  He’d head off on a forty day vacation, make all the wine he wants, and retire after three years.

Give Up and Die is the unifying philosophy that connects all faiths and religions.

There is nothing nihilistic about Give Up and Die–it’s actually very hard.

There is nothing serious about Give Up and Die–it’s a big joke.

Ignore Give Up and Die at your own peril.

Give Up and Die is a collection of notes from a misguided attempt at achieving dis-enlightenment.

Give Up and Die is backwards.  It should be Die and Give Up–but I already bought the domain.

Give Up and Die is a religious art installment–or, perhaps, an irreligious art installment.

The bottom line is, if you were about to die, you’d do everything differently.  And you are about to die, in a few or fifty years, so you should do everything differently, better, more thoughtfully, more happily.  But we can’t all live each day as if it were the last, because then we’d all be drunk at the beach right now.  So you have to live this whole life as if it were your last.

  • 150, 000 People Die a Day — You will too…so hug your kids and laugh more
  • 150, 000 People Die a Day — You could be next…now go have some fun
  • 150, 000 People Die a Day — You’re on the waiting list…so do something deep, something spiritual
  • 150, 000 People Die a Day — You’re time is coming…so why not travel the world
  • 150, 000 People Die a Day — You’re in the queue…don’t wait until retirement

Finally, and most seriously: I believe we are spiritual beings, and we should spend as much of this wild ride called life looking for it’s meaning.  And why not have fun doing it.  If you have any comments or would like to guest post, feel free to contact me at andrew (dot) andestic (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Give Up and Die…you’ll be glad you did.


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