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Be an Instant Mystic. Ten Simple Ways to be Mystical Right Now.

The World is in Our Way—The Modern Problem of Obstruction (and the stupidity of thank you cards)

Giving Up Your Stories to Find Yourself–A Practice

The Boat is Empty – A practice in handling difficult people

Meditation is a Complete Waste of Time…you should try it.

God? Old Dude with Beard or Unifying Force of the Universe? (or both)

Give Up and Die Parenting…The Mystical Approach

You Don’t Exist, So Give Up and Die, a mystic’s approach to living

Quit your job right now. You can. (Mystical living 101)

Why Can’t We All Get Along? Diversity, Religion, and the Football Team Problem




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  2. Didn’t see a comment form on your post about the ST. Theresa prayer hoax chain email, but just a FYI and a mention – not all Christians love these chain emails, and nowhere nearly enough take a consistently firm stand against this garbage. Christians who smash chain letters are either a very tiny minority or else just vastly under-represented on the internet. I am one of them and am sick of other Christians falling for this stuff, resulting in a negative reflection on Christians in general and – aw heck, it’s just blasted annoying.


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