Get Life or Die Trying!

Be the first of your friends to own Dead Zen’s long awaited book for teens:

Get Life or Die Trying:  A Guide to Life Before Death for Teens and Other Crazy People

GUAD Cover jpb

Now Available in e-book for a buck, or for five bucks more Dead Zen will personally make you a coffee-table/pocket-version, sign it, and mail it to your house.

For years, the controversial and sometimes crass street-philosopher Dead Zen said it like it was at his website Give Up and Die.  Now he’s written a full book of snarky and real advice for teens.  He pulls no punches and cuts right to the chase.  His anthem is: you are going to die very soon, in the next ten minutes, ten years, or ten decades, so make sure you’re life means something.  He answers the age old questions of all teens, including, “Why give a Sh*t?”, “What’s the Point?”, and “Why Can’t I Just Sit in the Basement and Smoke Weed all Day?”  Combining humor, philosophy, and practical wisdom, Get Life or Die Trying covers a range of topics and aims to points young people in the right direction in life, the direction of finding a true passion and purpose (and dropping all the other bullsh*t!).  Not convinced, here’s a sample of the first few pages for free: Get Life or Die Trying Sample.  Two price options available.  For one buck you can get the full e-book.  It’s printable.  For five bucks you get the e-book and Dead Zen will make you a homemade pocket version, sign it, and send it to your house.  It’s great as a gift or to drop on your coffee table in order to get a good conversation started. Beware, it could change your life.

Click here to get your copy of Get Life or Die Trying.**

If you chose the hardcover version, here’s what you’ll get.  No joke, this is a real picture of the book, handmade by Dead Zen himself, with a dot matrix printer, a copy machine, and duct tape:

Give Up and Die (to stay alive) hardcover edition

**Note that all orders are processed through Paypal via Tall Trees Grow Deep an organization devoted to helping the young (and old) think-deeply, contemplate, and grow into awesome people.

Click here to get your copy of Get Life or Die Trying.

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