Death and Your Passion Combined

meditating skull and crossbone valentineNever read Antony Demello’s Sidhatha and practice death meditation while simultaneously reading Ken Robinson’s The Element.  It might change your life forever. Demello is this Catholic mystic I admire.  He’s a priest who got in trouble for taking eastern spiritual practices and reworking them for Christians.  His great book, Sidhatha, encourages people to sit in full lotus, feel their breath, meditate on awareness, and, yes, even meditate on death in a beautiful six part meditation he stole (borrowed) from Buddhists, where you watch your body decompose in the grave.  Try it.  Sit for a few minutes.  See yourself in the ground.  Watch your flesh stiffen, turn colors, and bloat.  Then the worms arrive.  Watch your skin melt away, then your muscle, then your bones slowly fade to dust. Yikes.  It’s inevitable.  Any day now.

Now combine this with Ken Robinson’s inspiring book, The Element, where he talks about finding and living your passion, and you have a recipe for a real life changing moment. Ken Robinson is not some weird new age guru; he’s a respected educator (you can watch him on the Ted talks) who studies creativity and passion.  He argues we all have a place where our talents meet our passions–and that’s where we belong.  But it might take work finding it.  But why not do the hard work to find your passion?  Once you realize life is so short, it’s a little easier to take the next step.  Who are you going to hurt by changing your life to live your passion?  Your children?  Take some time to really think about that!

GIVE UP living a life the doesn’t feel right to you, AND remember you will DIE soon (in five minutes or fifty years)–so what have you got to lose.  And Happy Valentines Day.

**By the way, I recently enjoyed taking the self-reflective test at The One Question, a site which is all about finding your passion.  The test asks some great questions that help guide you to what you are really passionate about.  I also really like what Zenhabits has to say about finding your passion and living with it.  And if you can’t quit your day job (which I can’t…yet), don’t forget you can rebrand it.  Check out my post on How to Instantly (Mentally) Quit Your Job.  Finally, you can get the books I talked about here: Sadhana, a Way to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern Form ; The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.