The Conspiracy

In our lives the most necessary thing is learning to be slow, learning to not get sucked into the madness of the modern world.  There is a conspiracy in our world.  The world is run by the fastest and loudest.  We reward those who can do a lot quickly and with great pomp and flair.  They make the decisions and expect the rest of us to feel the same way.  We need to reward the simple, the small, the ordinary, the slow.  We need to encourage the ability to single task, to do one thing at a time, to do less better.  We need to stop holding up as our models, our ideals, people who work late, welcome overtime, talk and text, juggle multiple roles and jobs at once.  Let’s celebrate those who chose not to do, not to go, not to write, not to call, not to make, not to build, not to chop, not to dig.  Those who sit and let the world be.  Give up and die…you’ll be glad you did. Take a few moments today and do absolutely nothing.  The world will be grateful.