Give Up and Die Gratitude

November 23, 2011.  I’m grateful for nothing!  What I mean is, I’m grateful for the gifts of life that come from nothing.  I’m grateful for space, for emptiness, for pure moments of joy.  I fear these moments are too rare because there is always something when nothing is what we need.  Our world is full of things, to dos, purchases, ideas, plans.  What about nothing?  Isn’t that important too?Last night I sat underneath my kitchen table laughing with my two-year-old daughter, watching her pull an old toy train around the table chairs.  I put my head on the floor, our crumby and scraped-up hardwood, and looked up at my world from a completely different perspective.  My daughter looked back and smiled.  We shared a pure, perfect moment of nothing.  Nobody bought gifts, made cakes, or had plans.  The trains were hand-me-downs.  The kitchen was a mess.  The chairs were mismatched and resale.  I was exhausted.

Pure nothing.  I’m so grateful for that moment.

Holiday season starts tomorrow with Thanksgiving.  The world wants it to be about something.  I wish you a whole lot of nothing.

I’m very inspired by sites like Zenhabits and The No Impact Project because they are about doing less, buying less, and producing less as a way to get more out of life.  I agree with Zenhabits’ quest to get people to buy nothing for the Holidays and The No Impact Project’s challenge in the form of their one week experiment.  Those are great things to do.  But they’re still something.

Don’t forget there’s a place for nothing.

As a spiritual practice this season, take some time to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.  Forget your job, your stuff, and yourself.  Sit or lie around.  Do it with others, but don’t talk.  Do it alone, and try not to think.

It’s that simple.  Just nothing.  I think of the beauty of those days when people sat in their porch swings or rocking chairs without even a book in their hand (nor an iPad).

-Whatcha doing?


Try it for ten minutes.  Maybe twenty.  Do nothing.  Inevitably, if you do it long enough…something will happen.  But that’s okay, too.

Give Up all that is not essential And remember you will inevitably Die…you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Read more about Give Up and Die.